Douche Bag

TRUE STORY: I was rounding a corner onto Stephen Street near 12th on my bike this morning when a gentlemen (let’s call him douche bag) called out to me –

DOUCHE BAG: I hope you fall off that thing!
ME: What the hell man?
DB: Yeah I hope you break you f!#@ing neck asshole!
ME: (easily baited, i think – this could be fun) Good morning to you too! (over friendly game show host voice)
DB: (Incoherent anger)
ME: Enjoy your w a l k beautiful!
DB: More ragey anger fading into the background

People are weird. What causes a short, (almost gnome-sized) semi-bearded man between 25-35 years old to start cursing out a stranger simply because he rides by on a bike? Sadness? Meth? Sadness and meth? So odd.

I get it. It’s a rough time of year for a lot of people but trying to get into a fight with a stranger will definitely NOT make it better.

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