There has always been a desire to define love. If history and art have taught us anything it is that love is an enigmatic mystery that puzzles us.

One thing is clear…we do not understand love and what we do not understand we seek to control it, or failing this, destroy it.

Our efforts to control love are many and myriad and often can be seen in our attempts to systematize it in various ways.

Now my worldview teaches me that love emanates from God. Not only does love find its source in God (that which is completely outside of us) I believe that God IS love.

God resists systems and structures since they are human tools that seek to contain God by understanding God.

In the same way love resists systems, structures, traditions and any effort to fully understand it.

We find this resistance frustrating because as little bent gods we seek to systematize and control everything.

Our frustration is often directed toward those who might not understand love within the same boxes we have created and constrained it within.

We shout loudly that what you call love is not really love and so on and so forth in an attempt to bring others to our viewpoint and ultimately under our control. When this does not happen we seek to destroy the other perspective with whatever tools we have at our disposal.

It is this resorting to violence (not simply physical violence but the seeking to destroy another’s ideas) that is our own undoing as it signifies that we too, have failed to comprehend love and are no different than what we fear.

Ultimately love, like God, does not fall within our grasp. It must be revealed to us and we must accept it and respond to it. We must humbly admit that love, like truth, is an ideal that we strive toward and not a philosophy that we can define and control.

If we come to this place we will find ourselves incapable of telling another (or even ourselves) that they do not love…and this is not a bad thing.

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