10 Years Old

In one month my blog will celebrate its 10th anniversary (2004-2014) and I feel like I should bake it a cake or something.

Statistics: Ten years equals 1,628 posts (an average of more than three per week); 50,000 plus views and 629 comments.

I started the blog after many failed attempts to keep a journal. It occurred to me that as an unashamed technophile I always have something with me that I could record my thoughts digitally and with the emergence of blogs perhaps the internet was the place for me. Paper was unreliable and prone to destruction and loss (like my memory). The creation of the blog speaks to my own desire to see my words go on I suppose.

So here were are now nearly 10 years later and it feels as if a lifetime has come and gone. There is only one other 10 year period in my life that I think may qualify as having more change and destruction than this past 10 years and those are the years between six and sixteen, the decade of fire.

When I started this blog I was finishing my Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. I had an 18 month old daughter, a four year old son and a a seven year old son…all have whom continue to humble me with the beautiful wholeness of their incredible selves.

My blog should be seen as an echo of my own perceived reality; it is the recorded ripples of the events in and around me over the past decade. Their are moments of banality and the mundane that exist as mortar between the more worthy bricks of whatever I am building. It has seen me graduate and start vocational ministry. It has seen me move west and come to live in and love a new community and the people in it. There have been many deaths. It has witnessed the death of vocational ministry. It has witnessed the isolated death of my lost father. It has seen the slow, destructive march of my marriage to a death as real and painful as any death.

Then again the beauty of the witness is that it is there not simply in the dark but in the light as well and so many births have been seen as well.

My blog has seen the re-birth of my ministry into something far more personal and in the world than I could ever have hoped for; It has witnessed my slow recognition that while there is death the world will continue and that I must choose to continue with it and stay in the grave…I choose the latter. I have even been able to receive a love and beauty that felt well beyond my deserving…something great enough to teach me that there is more to me than pain.

I titled the blog Iceberg Tips because what you see in it are the great and jagged white teeth of a mind and a man that runs far deeper and far colder. For all the feigned gregarious extroversion the average person meets when they meet me in public this blog is as close as most people will ever get to knowing me for who I really am. If you only know me through the words of others than what you know is but a shadow of a shadow of who I really am…you have not even tread the umbra.

My only hope looking ahead is that the next 10 years are less destructive than the last…I would like the next decade to be one of life and resurrection. Let the light of the years to come cast shadows on the cave walls of this blog that the occupants might come to know something of the world outside.


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