i saw you alone
young freshman at the beginning of the year
sitting quiet in the t.v. lounge
and i knew you
in that place,
at that time;
i knew a shadow reaching out
when i saw one
i have a talent to see pain
and so i went in

“i just found out my mother died

just like that…
quiet and matter-of-fact
pain poured out
like cold water from a tap
and you were still, in the truth of it

so i just sat there with you and wondered
how do you comfort the dying heart
living in the presence of the recently dead
and you never said more
and i never asked
and we’ve been friends ever since

One thought on “Brenan

  1. Oooof. Beautiful. Right in my feels.

      <>  <>  <>  <>  <>    Effy Wild Mistress of Misfits, Wrangler of Wildlings <>  <>   



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