Morden Hires New City Manager

At council’s meeting on October 15th it was revealed that Faisal Anwar, director of sustainable economic development for the city of Selkirk, has been hired by the City of Morden as it’s new City Manager.

Mr. Anwar comes to the city with a wealth of experience having been with Selkirk for more than four years. Prior to Selkirk Mr. Anwar worked for the City of Yorkton, Sasktachewan where he was the economic development officer.

Aside from his professional experience Mr. Anwar brings a wealth of education in the form of three master’s degrees including: a Master of Applied Environmental Studies in Local Economic Development, Business Development from the University of Waterloo; An MBA in Finance and Financial Services from Adamson University, Manila; and a Master of Arts, Economics, MAthematical Economics and Econometrics from Karachi University, Pakistan.

According to council Mr. Anwar is set to start his new role in December.

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