Why I Would be a Shit Politician

Every so often someone tells me I should run for political office. I am never certain if I should be flattered or offended. I know they mean well but it just wouldn’t work for me.

My ideals and beliefs are all over the map when it comes to the political realm. I can be fiscally conservative in some areas and socially exceedingly liberal in other areas. My typical response to virtually every question and hypothetical is “it depends” and “what works in this circumstance may not work in that” etc.

You get the idea.

Politics (at least as it is structured today) requires you to subscribe to a fairly detailed set of beliefs and positions as defined broadly by your political party and/or party leader.

I have a difficult time aligning myself because I cannot systematize and enshrine my positions to such a degree. Culture changes, I change, the world changes on a moment by moment basis and so too must positions in relation to this. The world is not a static easy to define concrete floor inside of a room safe from the elements. The world is like the ocean – at times stormy, at times calm, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes day or night. In such circumstances you must hold agile and flexible positions to ride out the swells so-to-speak.

The rigidness of the current political environment and structure leads to intransigence and division and a constant state of opposition with little to no thought. This is unhelpful and stagnates progress.

I cannot succeed in such an environment. I would be called out for being wishy washy, and incapable of making a decision because of my constant need to evaluate circumstance.

No, I would be a shit politician – always at odds with the party and often incapable of towing the party line.

Some have said “but there is not party in municipal politics”.

This may be so but the populace is so indoctrinated to party politics it still matters at the municipal level. It would be easy for people to push you out based on defining you by party lines. It still matters to people.


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