There is no such thing as past and future – only present.

The past is an idea used to explain why the present exists and all that is in it. It helps to explain memory, but it doesn’t confirm anything.

The future is simply a phrase for unrealized hope or expectation.

The present is the only thing. These thoughts rise from the idea of the continuity of consciousness that I have been preoccupied with of late. A stretch of awareness broken by sleep.

Even stretch is too much. The present is only now parentheses-ed by our need to explain that we are, and our hope/expectation that we will be.

When we sleep do we awaken or are we something new filled with the memories of a departed life? Has every momentary me before now died to be replaced by me now? It seems likely.

The present is forever now and forever gone and forever will be. That we are aware of these things tells us something of what we call time and it’s mutability.

We are surfing time right now…not so much moving through it as on it. How we move depends on our speed relative to the object we call home. Yet the universe is expanding at a rate faster than light (at least on the edge). How that must mess with time there.

But for now I should stop writing as I seem to have run out of time. 😉


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