So I was driving to Winnipeg to pick my sister up at the airport yesterday and while I drive I do a lot of thinking.

Sometimes I get caught up wanting to write things down but I can’t because I’m driving. Well that happened this time. I was thinking a lot about the state of the world these days (which I seem to do a lot) and how divided people are, particularly along faith lines. This both saddens and frustrates me (as I am sure it does others).

I decided to record my thoughts as I was driving so I would not lose them and that is what I am posting below. I apologize for the sound quality and the fact that I am speaking at an odd cadence as well as speaking loudly over the sound of the vehicle. Since I had no notes I had to go slower than I usually would. I also apologize for use the word “verily” for some reason. How odd to use such an archaic word that I never use…literally ever. I have never said “verily” before and I hope never to again.

At any rate what follows is what I am calling a “Sudden Sermon”…simple thoughts on the cross and my concerns about how Christians have been responding to violence and threat lately.


Led to the Cross: A Sudden Sermon

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