The Failure of Fear

The breakdown of many societal boundaries that appears to be happening in the west today and also to be accelerating, is not society falling into chaos as so many believe – rather it is a collapse of fear as a result of growing freedom and human rights.

Increasingly loud voices from historically oppressed groups such as LGBTQ+, people of faiths other than Christianity, women, people of non-white heritage, along with societal groups like the poor, and sub-cultures of varying types are logical outcomes of the west’s move to enshrine and define human rights from the very early days of the suffragette movement, unions and more.

This could be traced back to the Romantic era and the philosophy of that time which owes a lot to the Renaissance which in turn owes a lot to classical Greek and Roman philosophy – aka – these are not new ideas.

What am I saying?

That kid in your high school advocating for a gender neutral bathroom is not doing so because “kids are idiots these days and in my day this could have all been stopped by simply letting us spank them again and praying in school“…blahblahblah…

It is happening because, despite serious obstacles, we have fostered an environment in our society that makes people feel safe in expressing their opinions and needs in a way they have never been able to before. Fear is diminishing. This is a good thing.

The rise of courage is not, as so many would have you think, a rise of odd and threatening new ideas that wish to tear apart our culture like so many invading Huns and Vandals. These thoughts, feelings, sub-cultures, ideas, etc. have always been there in some archetypal form or another, they were simply being hidden and/or repressed as a result of fear.

Therefore one should be able to say that if you live in a society where many and numerous (and sometimes confusing) ideas and people and sub-cultures flourish you live in a very free society – one that values and defends human rights and seeks to eliminate fear (inasmuch as it can).

If however you live in a society that is monolithic and seeks to repress and control ideas to the point that we all think and act, look and speak, relatively the same – you can be sure that fear is the chosen tool of this society’s leaders and freedom is defined as absence of threat rather than ability to express.

I know which society I want to live in.

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