E3 – Xbox Presentation

– An open world Metal Gear Solid with graphics I thought were from a cut scene but were actually game play…freaking sweet

– No word on exclusivity or exclusive content. Probably not.

– 13 next gen titles exclusive to Xbox One…nice

– Weird: starting with some Xbox 360 games that are coming. Xbox 360 redesigned and available today. Cool. Two free games per month for Gold members. That’s nice. This month includes Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3. Some great games.

– World of Tanks for Xbox 360…that`s pretty awesome

– Max seems a pretty standard platformer for the 360 with nice graphics. Not too compelling for me

– Dark Souls II for 360 looks pretty awesome

– Ryse: Son of Rome seems awesome. Like Call of Duty set in Roman times. Cool.

– Killer Instinct fighter looks awesome as an exclusive

– Sunset Overdrive stylized open world shooter. It looks spectacular and fresh. Very exciting.

– Forza 5: yeah we all knew that was coming.Yeah it looks amazing. Graphics are awesomely sweet looking. Driveatar is a good idea.

– Minecraft: better be crazy spectacular to excite me more than the original. Nothing said. Bigger maps. Woohoo. Not too exciting.

– Quantum Break: so far all cut scene. Need to see gameplay. No gameplay. How do i know if it will be any good?

– D4 looks like an awesome cell-shaded game. Not much to tell what it will be like.

– Project Spark: Looks SUPREMELY awesome as a custom game development system. Wow. Uses Kinect and Smart Glass. This looks like a standout game for sure. Very excited for this one.

– Smart Glass integration: Who needs a separate handheld device when you have this updated Smart Glass. Pretty cool. Easy recording to Twitch for broadcasting gameplay and game videos. Nice.

– Losing MS Points for real $$$ is a GOOD idea. Thanks.

– Unlimited friends instead of 100

– Crimson Dragon: a flying dragon game. Meh. Seems cool. Not sure. Graphics seem average.

– Dead Rising 3 looks spectacular. Open world zombies. No load times? We’ll see. Whole lotta zombies going on…customize weopons, that’s cool. Driving too…sweet. Man this game looks like too much fun. Ok – you can call in artillery support via Smart Glass. C’mon how cool is this?

– Witcher 3. Completely free-roaming and open world. Nice. Spell-casting via Kinect is a great idea. Graphics look freaking awesome. Wow. Getting close to Skyrim.

– Battlefield 4: Actual gameplay. Ack. First glitch…frozen. Re-start. Graphics are UNBELIEVABLE. Battling on ship – that is cool. Battling IN ship – even cooler. The sound is very good as well. Ok – now some sweet battling from smaller gun boats.

– Below: It looks exceptionally creative but the small trailer really told me nothing. Cannot tell if it will be good or not.

– Black Tusk Studios: Looks good but no details at all.

– The first Halo trailer looked awesome but no game details. 60 fps. Nice.

– Overall an impressive line up. Launching in November at $499. Too much in my mind repeating mistake of the PS3 at launch.

– Final Exclusive is a very cool mech FPS called Titanfall. Looks great.

As cool as this Xbox is I will likely not be lined up on launch day for the first time ever. We shall see what PS4 brings.

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