E3 Sony Press Conference

– ok obviously Sony needs to show the PS4 or the event will be a big fail

– start by slamming the Xbox home media platform aka “we’re all gaming”

– the opening video was toooooo long

– now it is just hurry up and wait. Watched the opening vid and spend forever on wallpaper screen awaiting the real show

– finally starting for real: substance please. Still opening montage.

– it is 21 minutes past start time and still nothing but filler

– groan: starting with Vita and PS3 and boring speech from Sony CEO

– yay…now you can plAy all the old play station games u played already only on a smaller, crappier screen

– now onto PS3 games

– ok After seeing Dead Rising 3 trailer the Last of Us looks lame

– puppeteer looks good

– Rain looks awesome

– Beyond Two Souls looks meh

– Gran Tourismo 6 looks nice

– still all PS3

– Batman Arkham Origins looks great but not exclusive

– Nothing original yet…sigh…Sony is losing its opportunity against MS

– so u opened the show with why we should NOT buy PS4

– 8:38 and finally PS4

– finally we get to see it – hmmm black and square and a lot like the original PS2

– Lots of responding to MS in little ways

– so far we have heard from two CEOs and a president but no gaming developers and managers

– yay Sony is selling Sony movies through its Sony products (yo dawg I heard u liked Sony products so we’re going to sell u Sony products through our Sony products)

– This is Sony reacting to Microsoft so far

– 8:48 we finally get to hear about PS4 games

– An exclusive?!? Nice looking cut scene/trailer. Steam punkish. Gameplay please. The Order…looks good but no gameplay

– Sweet futuristic shooter with Killzone

– drive club looks good

– Infamous Second Son looks exceptional graphically. Great voice acting! Very awesome looking and sweet music too

– Knack is a nice looking but standard platformer

– The Dark Sorcerer looks stupidly amazing but is it gameplay or cut scene… Never mind cuz I have no clue what it was

– Transistor intro by actual game developers. Top down third person … Not as cool as the cut scenes. Looks like an arcade game

– the indie games make me want to cram a quarter into the console…lame

– Ok the Zombie game looks cool

– Oddworld is very cool but a remake? Not cool for a game that was on the original Xbox

– woo…exclusive shoulder braces for Diablo III

– Square Enix will be good…they are always amazing. It looks spectacular. Final Fantasy XV – beautiful

– KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!! Awesome.

– Assassins Creed Black Flag…not exclusive. Most game demo ever. Not compelling. nice action at the end though. Seems like the game has been freezing a lot…embarrassing

– Watchdogs looks pretty sweet. Awesome graphics. Looks open world. A little like GTA. Seems like u can hack everything. Nice idea. Spending too much time on it

– I give up…I will check back later for more details like price etc and edit it in

– Elder Scrolls Online!!!! OMG. beta exclusive only…never mind. Nice to know it will be a console game too

– Mad Max trailer but no gameplay

– No used restrictions on used games

– Needs no online connection

– Social media blah blah blah

– Destiny: gameplay trailer. Beautiful graphics. PS4 is freezing again. Not good. Very Halo-like. Super sweet. I like the weapons.

– $399…wowowowowowow. Might be first next gen I buy.

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