Maxime Bernier Announcement

Maxime Bernier, the founder and head of the People’s Party of Canada, has officially announced he will run for the PPC in my riding of Portage-Lisgar in an upcoming by-election and presumably in a future federal election. The announcement can be watched here: and I urge you to watch it so you know what we’re in for. He starts speaking around eight minutes after the video starts.

If you don’t feel you can watch it here’s a handy Bernier Announcement Word Cloud (patent pending):

Immoral, patriot, freedom, Trans, Drag, Values, Family values, extremist, radical, radical left, morally bankrupt, populist, fight, sanity, attack, common sense, Canadians, revolution, inflation, debt, broken, immoral, degeneracy, Marxist, anti-life, anti-family, gender ideology, destroy, traditional, insanity, woke cult, twisted, sick, nation, evil, pervert, elites, intolerance, racist, corrupt, climate hysteria, cult of abortion, battle…

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