this city

this city embraces you
it holds you close to keep you warm
and plunges a knife into your back
to cut out your liver as it laughs

this city cries with you
when you languish in your isolation
and it laughs at you
when you seek to crawl from shadow

this city is a knife edge
between furious possibility
and a plunge to the dagger rocks below
while we walk the centre-line
between a life and a death

this city that would love you
like you were one of its own
and just as soon tie you in a sack
and throw you to the cold, dark waters

this city is insane –
infected by the leaking minds
of the swollen multitude
trying to fever-burn us away
weeping all the while

and i,
i can feel its bones
in the granite and the asphalt
out of which we will shape our caskets
that we might be buried beneath her skin
forever together

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