In Tuscany

we drove into the hills in Tuscany
to while away the summer day
and found ourselves in Calci
small and crumbling stone
with stream running down
this was a quiet place
we numbered half the population
according to who we saw

there were the men
sitting outside the Communist Club
and i am reminded of the statue
the young antifascista martyr

we must see the church
surprise! the withered arm of Ermolao
i wonder if he misses it –
wherever he is now.

and here another day to Rome
and then to fabulous Firenza
and Lucca, and Pisa and Butti
a thousand thousand years
and back again to Vicopissano
and back again to olive groves
and back again to vineyards
in Tuscany where i got a speeding ticket
but it was ok (and maybe expected)

back to the villa once occupied by Nazis
ha! you never knew the son of a Jew
who would sleep here one day
when you were long and gone away
history mocks the evil with insignificance
but i am forever here now with my heart
and i am in love with her
in Tuscany

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