5 thoughts on “Intro to Poetry Workshop

  1. Highly stimulating workshop, Peter! All sorts of poetry ricocheting ‘round my brain this morning—cummings, Yeats … the list is long 🧐
    Thanks eversomuch for the lift. Coffee together soon. [and more poetry nights!]
    Further thanks are given for adding ekphrastic to my lexicon ✒️


  2. Peter: PLEASE correct my spelling before posting my 1:07 comment—and don’t bother with this one. I will never live it down e k p r h a s t I c wouldn’t have made that typo if I’d been @ a Greek keyboard


  3. Hello Peter,
    Just wanted to express my gratitude for the poetry workshop last night. I wanted to participate but I find it difficult. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my writing even though I feel compelled to do it. Two things that stuck was the encouragement to read my own poetry outloud and to challenge myself to write poetry that is challenging or makes me uncomfortable.
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge & experience.


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