When the windows go dark

When the windows go dark and transmissions cease; when questions meet silence and walls increase; this is how the trouble started; this is the end of knowledge imparted; it is the rise of paranoia and suspician; it is the increase of absence and ommission…

We have all seen the signs in our lives. A family endures tragedy, a business changes hands, a community or country sees new leadership rise.

Then slowly, in the wake of these changes small things begin to happen. The blinds are lowered a little each day. The doors are locked more often than unlocked. Eventually the windows go dark, communication stops and lights remain off more than they remain on. The door stops getting answered, the mail piles up and the message is clear – “GO AWAY! Leave us to our isolation, our small duma, our tight circle that gets ever tighter.

Even the best of us, when we scorn community and the team, begin to corrode. When left to the thunderous echo of our own thoughts boucing around inside our ever suspicious skulls, perhaps amplified by poisonous whispers escaping the odd Iago from time to time, we begin to fall into ourselves like a black hole from which nothing escapes.

When people look at us they see absence and darkness and a thing they wish to avoid.

Eventually even our staunchest allies lose hope and wander off to which we reply “good riddance! I can work better alone and in silence” which is the terrible myth we often fall prey to.

The antidote to such dis-ease is trust. Trust not earned but freely given. Trust borne out of need and hope that reaching out and allowing others in is not a weakness but the greatest of strengths.

When we lose trust we lose everything.

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