City Responds to Morden Pride Request

317GyBOBK0LKudos to Morden Mayor Brandon Burley, council and staff who responded positively to requests from the organizors of the upcoming 1st Morden Pride event on June 22.

In committee of the whole this morning (June 10) council agreed to the request to hold the Pride Rally starting at Morden Park and ending at the Access Event Centre, giving access to power at both locations and permission to raise the Pride Flag at the Access Event Centre.

When asked if he had any concerns regarding the event Morden Police Chief Brad Neduzak stated he had none and there were no plans to increase police presence, essentially treating the event as they would any other community event.

Council made a point to mention they were aware of a possible counter-protest being organized.

In explaining the city and council’s position the mayor read sections of the Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“It is our obligation to act in the best interest of all in our community,” said Burley. “We treat this as we would any other gathering. We are not permitted to act in a discriminatory fashion simply because we may or may not agree with it.”

After acknowledging the city had received numerous requests to deny or block the event the mayor stated “we have the moral obligation to follow these acts,” in reference to the Human Rights act.

Further to this Deptuty Mayor Nancy Penner mentioned the city’s policy of supporting diversity and inclusion and she will bring greetings from the city as the mayor will not be available due to a pre-scheduled travel commitment.

None of these approvals required a motion from council.

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