Leadership: Waiting for Catastrophe

There are all kinds of leaders in the world. I say this in the sense that there are many different giftings that define different approaches to leadership – but leadership at its core remains the same.

As a reminder leadership is the art/ability/process by which individuals inspire others to pull in the same direction – that direction being the goal(s) set by the leader.

There is a lot of wiggle room in that definition that we do not need to go into now. Suffice to say leaders bring resources, human and otherwise, to bear on goals.

Now there is a myth that to maintain an organization is a good thing. It is the “nobody moves and nobody gets hurt style of leadership that sees people batten down the hatches and act simply to keep the ship reasonably level and afloat until port.

This is an easy myth to maintain because the masses are often deluded into thinking everything is running smoothly as long as everything is quiet – it is based on the other dangerous myth – no news is good news.

The reality of course is that organizations do not exist on a level plane but rather somewhere along a slope. Maintaining inveitably means going backwards and losing progress. To simply maintain, as a leader, is a bad thing.

A leader has goals to achieve and maintaing the status quo is not a goal – it is an anti-goal.

Such leaders hope things continue smoothly and that, should there be a catastrophe of some sort, they will be prepared for it as they have ensure well written emergency preparedness plans are in place and the policies are all in order.

To simply putter about in stasis waiting on a potential catastrophe is not leadership – it is pathetic and damaging to the organization. Entropy awaits such organizations.

Leadership is active. Leadership is momentum. Leadership moves forward.

Whether you lead a large organization or you lead a team of two take the reigns firmly and move forward or get out of the way and let someone else take over.

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