On Corporate Fracture and Unity

Many organizations – be they corporate, government, family, or faith deal with fracture from time to time.

Sometimes that fracture is myriad and has been in place for a very long time and become a part of the culture of the organization. Other times the fracture is slight and simple and easy to repair.

Whatever the case fracture is ultimately a deep concern for leadership. While it may occur in small and out of the way places it is up to leadership to ensure that systems are in place to catch and repair said fractures before they become endemic and difficult.

One way to avoid fracture (or at least limit it) is to model unity. The best (only) place for such modelling is at the top of the organization. Depending upon your setting this could be parents, a board of directors, a city council or a legislative assembly.

It is the head of the organization that sets the tone for the body so to speak. While having a strong and united leadership will not guarantee unity in the body it goes a long way toward preventing disunity.

To put it another way – no amount of investment in the body to ensure unity and strength will be fruitful if there is disunity and conflict at the top. This is the place to first andf foremost get under control before spending a great deal of resources elsewhere.

What does unity look like? It does not look like everybody agreeing with one another all of the time – but when push comes to shove and key decisions are made there is agreement and not a constant split.

A strength of leadership is required to assure this occurs and is sustainable. Not a dictatorial leadership (although sometimes a firm hand is required) but a leadership that listens to all sides, communicates effectively and is willing to compromise for the sake of the unity we are discussing.

Strong, united, transparent and communicative leadership models the same for the sub-structures within the organization. Unity breeds unity. The reverse is also true – chaos breeds chaos, and it does so faster and easier.

A strong, united group at the head will not suffer disunity and conflict to survive long in the body. They will seek to deal with it as quickly as possible using the same methodology they used to create and sustain their own unity.

However if an impasse is reached and disunity continues a strong leadership should not hesitate to simply cut the source of the conflict from the body as a cancer is removed from a sick individual.

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