sign posts

sometimes you stare at the shadows so long
you forget they’re just sign posts for the sun
stretching away from the rising east
and all you have to do is turn around
and look wide-eyed into a brighter light.

sure we can hide silent in the dark for a time
til’ the stabbing pain subsides in empty quiet,
til’ the slicing voices slide to the background
and the cuts they leave inside and out scab over
but we gotta walk out of this killing night

no one survives long in the airless underwater,
not one sad son and not one grieving daughter

take wing and leap toward the healing high skies;
weep for the lost, fuck the truth that everyone dies.
it’s still ok to blaze and burn phosphor bright

our lost stars don’t have to become sucking black holes,
they can leave nebula-shining Orion on our souls
colour-splashed evidence of lives that still break upon our shoals

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