Without Distinction

Without distinction these days those who self-identify as liberals rally very quickly around leaders who espouse liberal values and those who self-identify as conservatives do the same with gusto.

The rabid priority is ensuring key policy stances and buzzwords are intact with little to no regard for almost any other aspect of the person.

Caught on tape telling people he literally grabs women “by the pussy” not a big deal because he promised immigration reform.

Specifically promises to move country away from fossil fuels during the election and then has the country buy an actual oil pipeline for $4.5 billion…let it go, he is a strong supporter of equality.

Complained ceaselessly about previous president’s golf outings…spends more time golfing in one year then previous president spent in eight. Yeah but he’s got a great policy against gun control.

Explicitly promises during election to end first past the post electoral system in Canada and then immediately abandons commitment after election. OK, sure but he has a fantastic record for investing in social and heritage programs.

It really is remarkable that we have found ourselves staunchly in an age where people’s like or dislike of a leader is about as thoughtful and well-researched as a decision to eat a donut.

Increasingly a decision to support one leader over another is driven (manipulated) by emotion, cheap shots, and empty promises. All this does is fuels the division the fuels the attitude in the first place.

Look past the crap journalism that focuses only on the sensational elements of a person for the sake of attention and sales. Look past the propaganda of “the other side” for a moment and look to the reality that a leader is one person on a team of dozens to hundreds.

Recognize the complexity of things and stop over-oversimplifying decisions because it’s easier than doing the work to understand.

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