I have a cousin.

In fact I have many cousins – most of whom I grew up with during my childhood years when we were entangled in our parents comings and goings. We spent a lot of time together when we were younger –

Tammy, Tracy, Gordie, Connie, Cathy, Paul, Jamie, Jeremy, Adam, Kelly, Kenny, and Karen. You get the idea. Cousins are like distant siblings. They understand you a little better than average because they come from your mum’s siblings…they understand some of your crazy, some of your uniqueness.

I have a new cousin.

I learned this last night.

Let me explain.

A couple of years ago you might remember I learned through a DNA test I got for Christmas that my father, who I never met, was a Jewish man. That’s the most information I have to date. Mum’s memories of that time were not great. Jewish man, maybe his name was Roger. Not too helpful.

Anyhow I have been uploading my DNA test results to databases online in an attempt to find relatives and was recently contacted by a genealogy consultant helping another man going through a similar process.

It turns out this man is my first cousin. Our fathers were likely brothers. This is a HUGE leap forward in my quest to learn more about my father and my Jewish roots.

Ironically my cousin never knew his father either so we are, for the time-being, the blind leading the blind.

Still it is an enormous step forward in the quest. I will keep you posted.