“When you surround the enemy Always allow them an escape route. They must see that there is an alternative to death.”  – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

It is a terrible thing when you present a people with one option – die.

If a people is left with a choice like this you can be sure they will choose the manner of their death and it will not be easy on the oppressor.

You can also be sure that even the perception that there is no alternative but death is the same to the oppressed as the reality.

If a people choose to fight and kill against all odds as if they have no alternative one must ask if they have been put into this position…it is not a choice in their minds…the only choice, as has been said, is the manner of their death.

What drives a people with an outrageous force to torment a people with a fraction of their strength? There is less logic here than in the response of the doomed. One could say that paranoia and a kind of terrible institutional insanity created by a past too horrific to remember might be at play.

Nevertheless it is surely an evil thing to seek the destruction of another.