Interesting creatures.

People look at other people and think they know them. They look and decide if they like or dislike them. Often people are indifferent but when they are not they are weighing and deciding about one-another.

The thing is though we way and decide based on externals. Even when we think we are digging into a person we are often not.

Sometimes we decide whether people like us or not based on their ideas and comments to and about us. Usually however these ideas are not about us but about our own ideas. It is like two reflections looking at one-another and thinking they know the real person…the source of the image, only to find later the image was not real but a dim inverted representation.

We do not know the people we think we know. We know what they show. We know the external representations of the internal like we know the dim, out-of-focus edges of a shadow.

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