Census 2016

Like the cicada, once every six years the Canadian census population numbers rise from there resting place (Stats Canada) to the great pleasure of, well, if no one else than me.

I’m a bit of a numbers nerd, not a math geek so much as a stats addict. I love statistics for the sake of statistics but also for what they can tell us about where we have been and where we may be going.

The release of the census figures is similar to the day mum takes out the measuring tape and pencil and get’s ready to mark your new height on the door frame – once there you can stand back and admire your progress over the years (or be dismayed at the lack) and imagine the growth yet to come.

This is the census for me.

I know…I need a hobby.

The census tells us that Winkler was the fastest growing municipality in Manitoba and the 11th fastest in Canada between 2011-2016 with 12,591 residents or 18 percent growth. Morden grew by 11 percent and had the third fastest growth rate behind second place Steinbach at 17 percent.

At this rate Winkler will surpass the population of Thompson and Portage in a few years to become Manitoba’s 4th largest city while Morden has passed Dauphin to a population of 8,668.

Anyhow you can do your own digging for more info here:


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