you’re a damned lack of intent is what you are,
just a great storm of words and wind
with no promise of rain to your stupid parched life.

look that’s no way to talk to me mister!
i see where i need to go…i just need the right equipment
to get to the cold and stony mountain top and then you’ll here me shout

you my friend are a fuck…you’re a promise without an end
and i ain’t gonna wait round no more for your gift to open,
just stop your damned talking and get off your ass!

yeah, yeah, yeah i know, i know,
but you ain’t otta talk to me like that
i’ve had it hard but i got the map and i know where i gotta get to

then gas that car and get the hell outta this place
cuz i’ll know you mean what you say when all i see
is your ass against the setting sun racing away from here.

sure man…i just gotta get the gas and then i’m gone…