People will kill for what they believe in.

It’s true. They will kill and often they will do so without thought.

We do this because what we believe in, whatever that is, forms our foundation or paradigm; our worldview if you will. What we believe in becomes a the hub of our existence out of which all other things extend like spokes.

We often do not see it happening. Our defense of belief is almost always reactionary and knee-jerk with the thinking coming later when it is too late to back track (at least we think this).

While the killing too often is very real most often the killing occurs in the form of words. Anger that can, if we are not careful, lead to hate and hate which so often leads to death…the death of people in our hearts and minds and sometimes in reality.

It is the call to humility which is the cure for this kind of violence. Humility which first and foremost says that we know nothing (as one would say to Jon Snow). Humility which says to us we know so little that we cannot even be certain we know what we think we know.

With these things in mind it becomes far more difficult to condemn a person when you must first remind yourself of how little you know.

True wisdom may start at the point when one can honestly look at themselves and say “I believe I know nothing at all”. From this vantage all things are possible, including peace.

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