To be gods…

For some of us it is not until we become god that we sometimes begin to seek God out. The act of creating life…in my case becoming a father…put me on the spiritual path of seeking out God.

Or more to the point…the act of bringing life into the world suddenly made me think about the responsibility of guiding that life; a life that would affect other lives who would, in turn, affect others and so on and so on…

It is not so with everyone and the act of creating can occur in many ways, not simply by having children. People create with word as God creates with Word. People create with music, people plant, people build, people create limited order in unlimited chaos. We are always creating…we are closest to God when we create; We are furthest when we destroy.

Still even in the act of creation we can fail to see the one we are emulating; fail to recognize that there is a source. We do what we do and some see and some do not.

For all of this we owe it to ourselves and others to ensure that there is always an opportunity to create…to be gods, such as we are. We were made to be gods in an image of God.

We have failed in spectacular fashion for the most part but this may still be part of a broader music. The dissonance we create may serve a larger purpose in the overall symphony…we just cannot see it from within the performance.


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