Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz – Album Review

So it seemed like everyone on Planet Earth (including me) attempted to download Miley Cyrus’s new album at the same time after she surprised everyone with it (FOR FREE???) at the VMA’s because it basically broke the internet.

After many fruitless attempts to download I found a link to it on her website to Soundcloud and listened to it there.

I am an unashamed fan of Cyrus for her honest and unabashed approach to music and life. Her sound has changed dramatically over the years and this album is definitely a huge step in a different direction.

There are 23 songs on this crazy album, all channelling a very Zen-like sound (she mimics Tibetan Singing Bowls with her voice in one song – Tibetan Bowlzzz). Many of the songs are heavily produced by Mike WILL Made-it and feature a lot of synch and electronica.

Through it all Cyrus’s voice remains relatively untouched and pure but far more restrained than we are used to.

The album is very experimental and raw in some places (despite the production I mentioned).

The lead song – Dooo It! (performed on the VMAs) is the most active song.

If you think the album title – Miley Cyrus and her Dead Pets, refers to a new back up band you would be wrong – many of the songs are, indeed, about her dead pets.

You might be tempted to chuckle a bit (and you will at times) as you listen to songs like Pablow the Blowfish until you are caught off guard by how sad and powerfully evocative the music is.

Other songs like Karen Don’t Be Sad, Space Boots, BB Talk, Lighter, 1 Sun, Evil is But a Word, I Get So Scared and the phenomenal Twinkle Song similarly catch you off guard and pull you in.

Twinkle Song is the last song on the album and features some of the best vocals with her plaintive voice – at times channelling a little Dolly Parton and at others Janis Joplin – mesmerizing you.

All in all an incredibly risky, lyrically interesting and musically experimental album that is bound to wow critics while confusing fans.

When one listens to the album with an eye to the fact that Cyrus is just 22 one wonders what she will be doing in 10 o 20 years… the level of creativity is off the charts.

Personally I think it is amazing.

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