The Poetry of the Repressed

The greatest poetry often rises up out of the offal of genuine repression and brutal circumstance.

I say genuine here because I have known people who have sought to artificially repress themselves in order to create an atmosphere conducive to improving their poetry. This is ridiculous because the key to such circumstance and the poetic fuel that follows is that it is a genuinely UNWANTED circumstance.

With all of this in mind I have begun wondering about the great and sad absence of the poetry of women, slaves, homosexuals, and other repressed groups over the centuries and millennia that have failed to surface.

This is a great and empty hole from the mid-19th century or late 18th century and previous where we should be finding a dearth of poetry written by women for instance. But in comparison to men we find only a few bright stars like Sappho.

Perhaps I am not looking in the right places but I suspect there were a great many poets throughout history whom we will never hear from because of their circumstance and this is a very sad thought.

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