The Failure of Judgement

The ultimate failure of human judgement is that it must be dispensed from a vantage point – and in the instance of people that vantage is inescapably our own.

All judgement is based upon some sense of what is right and what is wrong. Further to this judgement has its own inertia that demands some sense of justice in response to its being exercised.

It is for these reasons and many others that we are terribly inadequate at exercising judgement and, thankfully, we are incredibly obedient and leave judgement to the powers that can and should handle it (sarcasm alert).

Unfortunately, being the small gods that we are we often fail to recognize that there are some things we should not do.

As has been said, judgement requires a vantage point from which to be exercised. The trouble is that the vantage required is one from which all points can be seen…more to the trouble is the fact that when we exercise judgement we do so from the same plane…from the same height as everyone we judge…and it never works – ever.

Really what we are supposed to do is look to one-another with the recognition that, while we all stand in different places not a one is standing higher or lower than the other. With this awareness comes, not judgement, but solidarity, compassion and grace.

From where we stand…that is our role.

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