Morden is Being Tagged with Runes


Fehu (in Norse) or Feoh (in Old English) generically means ‘Wealth’. The picture here is the rune that represents that word and it is turning up all over Morden…particularly in front of business.

I noticed the rune a few days ago on a walk and thought nothing of it…I saw that it was a rune but allowed for the fact that someone might have accidentally scribed a rune while messing around with sidewalk chalk. Then I saw it again, and again and again.

Someone is tagging businesses in Morden with the rune and so there is a message here. It could be simply “This place represents wealth” 

Of course there are all kinds of extended meanings including negative connotations associated with Fehu when reversed. In this case it is not reversed. Notice also the dot to the left.

The rune with dot(s) is also known as Gandalf’s rune from The Lord of the Rings. 


This is the rune that Gandalf scratches into Bilbo’s door in The Hobbit to inform the Dwarves of where they need to go.


Unless someone has a business-themed Lord of the Ring’s scavenger hunt going on in town I suspect the rune is being used in it’s original Norse/Old English sense and someone has decided to tag local businesses as houses of wealth or the like for some reason.

Obviously this is not your run of the mill kid fun. Kid’s typically are not overly familiar with runes. Likely someone is trying to make a veiled statement. The kind of statement an esoteric young artist might make for instance. Perhaps a newly minted intellectual returned home from university for the summer or the like.

Whatever the reason I think it’s great and suspect nothing sinister about it. It could be someone is making a friendly poke at the regions conservative Christian underpinnings. Runes have been used in various forms of Pagan worship and astrology. In the case of Fehu it has been used as a rune of protection for businesses and homes and so perhaps some person is wandering through town attempting to shore up the local business community’s security. Who knows?

I wonder if more runes will turn up? Perhaps. I wonder if this rune is showing up in the broader region? 

If you see a rune around town take a photo of it, post it to Instagram or Facebook and tag it #mordenrune so I can find it. 

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