The Cold Light Before Dawn

Some fear the night and the darkness it brings but they are wrong to do so. Darkness hides within itself at night and acts as cautious as a cat burglar at midnight – sneaking about in the shadows.

No the real time to fear Is in the light before dawn. In that cold, white light that is not light but rather the herald of the true light about to rise above the horizon and burn away every dark thing.

It is that hour or so before sunrise that takes the house from a comforting black to an avant garde caricature of itself in black and white exaggerated shadows.

It is that time that madness anticipates and in the anticipation madness goes mad having its back driven up against the river.

It is the silent time. No birds have wakened and the home sits in absolute stillness.

Sometimes the shadows tremble in that hour an you can feel it in the unexplained shudder of the bed.

Other times the light appears to be sucked out of the air as effort is made to stall the inevitable.

But the light keeps coming and as it does they scream within themselves as they are slowly revealed to the truly alive.

It was in this time he awoke to find her standing at the edge of his bed. He started violently and swore incoherently in the sudden shock. She just stood there in her nightgown staring – oblivious to it all.

He had been dreaming. What had he been dreaming? He strove to remember as the images sought to run away from consciousness, but he grasped a few by the tail before they escaped.

He had dreamt of her accident although he was not there. He dreamt of her parents,
Her aunt and her uncle going over the cliff like glass mason jars filled with trapped light.

He had dreamt that the mirrors in the house reflected through an evil purple that could only be banished in prayer.

He saw himself standing before the mirrors reciting the Apostles’ Creed and plunging a dagger through the heart of the glass extinguishing the horrid transparent slick while she watched as dispassionately as she did now.

“What do you want Abigail?” He asked.


She stated at him but he knew she saw nothing.

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