It is the very real immanence of God that wards away sin from our lives…like a great and purifying wind blasts away a fetid smog so is the the presence of God.

When we fail, inevitably, day by day, hour by hour and moment by moment it is the transcendence of God that is grace upon which we must lean on as if our lives depended upon it…which they do in a way.

Rarely do we live with an awareness of either…somehow we spend our time outside of the scope of both…failing to sense God nearby and never realizing God’s overarching majesty that is above all of our own brokenness when we need to.

To understand the immanence of God and how it affects us we could compare it to how we behave when a loved one is with us. We care about what they think…we act in ways designed to earn their respect and in response to their love for us and our love for them. It is the same with God in the case of God’s immanence. 

Of course we do not “feel” God in the same way as a lover or family member. In this instance we must practice the presence of God as Brother Lawrence would say.People often complain about the invisibility of God as if to say that it would be easier to live in a way that would not offend if only you could see God with you. Interestingly we do not struggle as much in the same way when our loved ones are not with us…our behaviour manages to maintain itself in light of the influence of our relationship.

In this way each of us needs to cultivate a relationship with God not unlike the kind of special relationship we have in our lives that makes us want to be better…”she makes me want to be a better man” and so I would want it to be the same with God.