Trudeau Saves 12 Lives, Labelled Opportunist

OTTAWA//Astounding news this morning out of Ottawa where Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is being credited with saving 12 people from a burning building.

Witnesses say the people, 10 women and two babies, were trapped on the top floor of a low-rise apartment building which had burst into flames after an electrical fire erupted in the basement. Trudeau happened to be jogging past on his way to Parliament for work when he noticed the emergency and sprung into action.

“It was incredible,” said Serge Le Clerc of Gatineau, Quebec who witnessed the event. “He took off his shirt (I’m not sure why really) and ran into the building. Then he came out with two of the trapped women, one over each shoulder, each carrying a trapped baby and then he went back for more.”

According to witnesses this happened four more times with the building collapsing behind Trudeau just after he emerged a final time. Witnesses say that Trudeau then humbly brushed off thanks and continued on his jog, still shirtless for some reason.

“Clearly this is simply another example of grandstanding by a show-boating opportunist,” said a staffer from the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper who asked to remain anonymous.”Trudeau was 10 minutes late for Question Period today because of this. He stopped at a hospital on his jog to work to be treated for minor smoke inhalation. Do you know how much that cost the tax payer? This guy is probably the most selfish, irresponsible political figure we have today. Ca we afford to have this kind of person potentially running the country?”

In further comments the Harper staffer conjectured that the entire fire was likely a grand setup by the Liberal party to garner votes from the victims whose lives were saved.

Meanwhile NDP leader Tom Mulcair is reportedly furious and claiming that saving people from burning buildings has been a long-standing policy of his party which Trudeau blatantly stole.

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