they will fill the over-arching blue

you should write happier things,
sunnier things that make me smile

well i would but i need to bleed the bad
each keystroke a leach to draw the poison

i suppose this makes sense –
but is there no light to even throw shadow?

there’s a beach where i stand alone
casting away messages in bottles;
sometimes the sun rises before me,
sometimes the sun sets before me

i don’t know what that means
but i like that there’s a beach,
i like that there’s sun before you

i know you do – its what i love about you,
know that for every dark i excommunicate
a little light leaks in and illuminates

see i knew i saw the promise of brighter words
like a coming spring and the return of brilliant birds

they are there i have seen them, i hear them too
so many to come they will fill the over-arching blue

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