Honesty Time

Honesty time. 

I have been feeling very anxious lately. Like I carry a constant stream (raging torrent) of adrenaline in the pit of my gut everyday, all day…and I don’t know why.

I have an awesome family and kids that are the best in the world. I have a good job which I like very much. I have great co-workers who I count a privilege to work with. I am enormously blessed in innumerable ways.

So if everything is great why do I feel so bad?

5 thoughts on “Honesty Time

  1. Gosh…I know how that feels and it is HEAVY. I encourage you to fully experience it and find safe people to talk about it…and over time it will get better. Just don’t bury it. Best wishes Pete.


  2. I totally, totally get that. It is the reason I am (unfortunately) taking medication. I hope this is a random glitch for you, but sadly there are at least a few examples in the family.


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