4 thoughts on “I remake along the way

  1. John Calvin and Jacob Arminius got it right :o). When I read and enjoy both of these men, I think what a pity that the remonstrants were not given more space to pursue their thinking within Calvin’s big picture. For example, Arminius asked, “is the beggar any less so because he reaches out his hand to receive?”. Are we any less painted when we attempt to paint?

    You have found a freedom in your art, Peter. To refer to a former poem: You can admit to your fatherly heart that you want to kill the world while all the while seeking its redemption. Thanks for these conduits to and from the divine.


  2. Here is the exact quote from Jacob Arminius: “Does it cease to be a pure, undiluted gift (donum purum putum) because this beggar extends his hand for receiving?”


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