The World is a Centrifuge

We are living in a centrifuge that is spinning increasingly faster as we move into the future.

You feel it don’t you?

It is harder and harder to stay in the centre…the centre of anything. Everyone is being pulled to an extreme…flung toward the outer darkness as it were.

It seems these days the centre of anything – any thought or concept – is not to be trusted and those that exert the effort to stay there (because it requires a greater effort than you would imagine) are also shady, undecided types to be avoided at all costs.

I tend to view everything through the lens of my faith which is so integrated into who I am as to be inseparable at this point. That is not to suggest I am a great person of faith – far from it…but it is still there informing everything and intertwined with my ongoing context, my past, my biology…nature and nurture etc. We are not simple creatures. I am not a simple creature.

There is a Dietrich Bonhoeffer book entitled “Christ the Centre” which I find fitting as to the title and where it suggests theology needs to be.

However if Christ is the centre how is it that he has become a dichotomy in the world? How has Christ managed to get himself torn in half by the centrifuge of our post-post-modern world?

Christ is no longer the centre – Christ is left or Christ is right and there is no bridge between them anymore.

Now it may be that Christ is viewed as the centre of those on the left and viewed as centre of those on the right but this is not the same as being THE CENTRE. Christ who cannot be divided is nonetheless split down the centre like an atom in a particle accelerator and having been split he has been lost to us as we fight over the ghosts of his remains interpreting the pieces like scattered tea leaves in the bottom of a cup.

How is it possible that we have developed so many extreme perspectives across theology, politics, culture etc. and have failed to recognize the wrongness of it?

There is no dialogue between extremes because the distance will not allow it. Where there is no dialogue there is no community and where there is no community there is no humanity.

What can we do except stretch arms out across the impossible divide growing between us and in humility pull one-another to the centre where gravity has no effect on us and we might break bread and seek understanding.

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