The Dark

The only thing scarier then knowing you are not alone in the dark is knowing that you are…completely and absolutely alone. When we pray into the dark we want to know we are praying to one who is there…but it is dark and the temptation to feel alone is so very strong and so very real that one feels the weight of it crushing in…

An empty dark is the first step to hopelessness (and hopelessness only requires one step really).

It all turns on a dime (sometimes literally) – the difference between being aware of a presence and not. Immediate circumstances threaten to drown out the soft and gentle voice of the one who holds the dark at bay…the one whose presence banishes it.

I feel the stress of trying to be responsible with my life.

I feel the gravity of wanting to fall away from it all and leave responsibility behind in favour of madness.

I am tethered to the ground by the ones I love and am afraid if I fall I will pull them down with me and there will be know one to lift me up so that my feet do not touch the rocks below.

But fear of falling does not prevent falling. Being tethered to ones higher than you does not prevent falling.

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