Why, in the end, should we do anything that God asks us to do? Because God is God.

Why, in the end, do we fail so often to do what God asks us to do? Because we are human.

Neither answers are satisfying and the gulf between them is so enormous we cannot bridge it. Given what and who we understand God to be there is no explanation that can be given that would satisfy our desire to know because we are simply not capable of understanding the mind of God.

We do not like being in a position of “just do what your told and don’t ask questions” and yet our very nature limits our understanding. We should keep this in mind when attempting to make broad and sweeping judgments based on what we think scripture says or means.

As I have said before I believe scripture to be revealed truth but it is perfect truth revealed in imperfect language to imperfect people and translated and interpreted through numerous imperfect filters.

Handle with care.

Every Bible should have those words emblazoned in BRIGHT BOLD font across the front – HANDLE WITH CARE – Too often we treat it like a grenade, pull the pin, lob it into the lives of people around us and hope for the best while the carnage piles up.

Sometimes I think being left with more questions is better than having answers…less comfortable certainly…but humbling.

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