Cantelon Family Tree 1066-2012 (Simple, Me-Centric Version)

Family Motto – Fortis in Bello (Strength in War) given to ancestor Henry De Cantelu by King William I (William the Conquerer) in 1066 after the Battle of Hastings.

Starting with the most distant and working toward today:

Henry De Cantelu, Ship Captain of Normandy

William De Cantelupe (1090)

Walter De Cantelupe (1120 – “settles” in Ireland)

Nicholas De Cantelupe

Raymond De Cantelupe

Howell De Cantelupe

Timothy De Cantelupe

Richard De Cantelupe

John De Cantelupe (Died 1309) first Baron of Bally Heigue

John De Cantilon second Baron of Bally Heigue

Maurice De Cantilon third Baron of Bally Heigue

Edmund De Cantilon, fourth Baron of Bally Heigue

John De Cantilon

Roger De Cantillon

David De Cantillon (Born 1579)

Valentine De Cantillon

Peter De Cantillon (Finally!)

Jasper De Cantillon

John De Cantillon

John De Cantillon II (B. 1754)

William De Cantillon (1775-1859; emigrated to Canada followed by three brothers. Settled in Clinton, Ontario near Goderich).

David Cantelon

Peter Cantelon

David William Leonard Cantelon (B. Dec. 31, 1889; D. Feb. 12, 1931)

Isabel Cantelon (1915-1985)

Peter James Cantelon (Jan. 1942- Nov. 2, 2011)

Peter James Cantelon Jr. (May 4, 1968-?)

Matthew, Caleb and Isabella Cantelon


5 thoughts on “Cantelon Family Tree 1066-2012 (Simple, Me-Centric Version)

  1. Hello, I am a descendant of David Cantelon of Clinton, Ontario. His daughter, Pearl Cantelon (married Andrew Weatherwax of Orillia ) was my Grandmother , and my great Aunt, Dorothy Cantelon also lived in that grand house in Clinton. I have a picture of that house, and the Ballyheigh coat of arms with the motto ” Fortis in Bello.” Sadly many of Pearl’s brothers passed away in the First World War. My Mom, Katherine (Kae) Weatherwax (Pearl Cantelon’s daughter) just passed away in December 2014 at the age of 97. Best wishes, Marilyn Lake Lee


  2. ida Lock

    i am also a great grand child of John Cantalon who married Elizabeth Legeer i would love to get some family photos if there are some, thnx in advance


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