A Terrible Nightmare

Terrible nightmare last night…unlike any I have had before.

I was in a house. An old man was complaining about all of the “junk” left behind in his basement by previous renters/occupants. He told me if I wanted anything to help myself and so I went and had a look.

There were primarily shelves and shelves of books focused on eschatology,  theology and occult. One book entitled Libris Judicia (which apparently means Book of Judges) stands out.

At some point in the dream the centre of a very large book was cut out and I was wearing it around my neck…it obscured my vision making it so I could not see my surroundings and I panicked because it felt like there were others in the room with me.

Then I woke up.

I couldn’t sleep well after that because I still had that stupid feeling of presence in the room.

The odd thing about this dream is how real it felt and how utterly disconnected with anything in my life it was. Usually my dreams are very dream-like if that makes sense and they contain very obvious references to whatever is happening in my life.

Anyhow writing about it helps me purge it from the system.

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