Absolute Truth

One thing I have come to believe in life is that there is an absolute truth…that was the easy part for me; Coming to the awareness that I am not it…that was hard.

I have been involved in some very stimulating Facebook dialogue lately…so much so that I really don’t feel like I have a lot to add frankly. What I have noticed is there is a thin edge to dialogue that centres around absolutes…a knife-like edge that can cut in a second if we’re not careful.

Sometimes we think we stand as righteous beacons holding the sword of truth aloft for the world to see and be corrected (I do this all the time) when really we are children at play with a weapon too dangerous for us to handle without hacking up the ones we seek to defend, the ones we love…and in the process we kill ourselves as well.

What is truth?

Again with the Quod est veritas?

I think I would have made an excellent Pilate…too cowardly to act according to my gut…too cowardly to do anything but wash my hands and leave the dirty work to others convinced they know the answer.

Truth…it is like Excalibur to me but I cannot pull it from the stone. It remains rooted in place affirming one thing – I am not the King.

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