YET ANOTHER RANT (sorry): I was evesdropping on a conversation the other day which spawned these thoughts.
Ever notice that some people can be all for democracy as long as theirs is the ONLY perspective that gets represented? The attitude usually stems from a deep-seated feeling that the majority are quaint as a herd of cows but generally not too intelligent.
There are of course the progressive, enhanced few that must bear the cross of living alongside these neanderthals. Thankfully the masses have the bright light of the almost genetically enhanced intellect of these few Ubermensch who are only too happy to act as patron saints humbly guiding the moronic multitude along.
There are times, I believe, when some would actually prefer to create a Party Monarchy and eradicate all but one political viewpoint.
History has shown what happens when a select few appoint themselves as the guardians of power and thought over what they view as the barbarian, wife-beating masses – the outcome is never a good one.

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