Captain America is Superman

That’s my argument and I am sticking to it. Captain America is Superman 2.0. I mean Captain America is Marvel’s attempt to create Superman but in a way that is slightly more approachable. 

Both characters were created for one reason – to embody all that the creators saw as good in humanity, particularly American humanity but frankly any nation would be pleased to have a citizen reflect such values.

The problem with DC’s Superman always comes to light whenever a movie is attempted – Superman, as incredible as he is, is completely unapproachable and nearly impossible to place in a universe alongside any other character. His attributes are ridiculous. He is Christ in many ways except Superman’s Christ would not go to the cross without first seeking to completely eradicate the Roman army.

When Marvel created Captain America they created a similar character in regards to the values he represented but notched down the invulnerability a few metres making the character much more believable and approachable.

Both are ideals to strive for but because Cap cannot rely solely on his strength he must showcase his values more often and the willingness to sacrifice himself for others which so often comes to the fore. It also removes having to create hokey plot devices like kryptonite after you realize you made him just a tad to invulnerable and have to find a way to get beneath the armour.

Superman in many ways is a blunt instrument in comparison to Captain America who is often a little more of a precision scalpal. This approach is why Marvel so often wins the battle over DC in terms of character development and story.