If you want to succeed as a business, municipality, not-for-profit, etc. over the long term here is one key thing you must do (among many things):

Find out where the world is going and get there first…and by first I mean get there on time.

Timing is everything.

If you get there too soon the world will not be ready and you will be left adrift amidst a market that does not understand or value what you are offering yet no matter how earth-shatteringly amazing it is.

Electric cars are a good example of this.

There have been electric cars since the late 19th century but only in the past decade or so has the market been prepared and ready to adopt it. Tesla would not have stood a chance as a business in 1942 no matter how ahead of the curve they would have been.

Where is the world going (roadmap) and when is it going to get there (schedule). Get these two things right and you have a big part of what will make you successful.