It is a rule of the universe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In terms of human relations lets just say for every action there is a reactions.


There are consequences for what we say, what we do, what we write.

Should we choose to go out on a limb and have a formed thought about anything you can bet there are others who will be offended or supportive and will act in a way toward you.

Our words are powerful. Writing is an action. Writing ideas can be tantamount to revolution in some places.

In the days of the disconnected/overly connected internet and social media it can be easy to put our thoughts and words out into the aether anonymously. However, as brave and safe as we feel anonymous opinions are like still-born children…they are there, but not really. They carry no life with them.

When I put my words and ideas into the world and attach my name I am inviting consequences. I am inviting people to consume and understand my thoughts.

I recognize that sometimes, as a result of my own stances and ever growing/evolving ideas, the consequences can be significant. I may make new friends, others may become alienated. I may see old friendships strained under the weight of who I am flung out into the world.

I have to accept these consequences, especially if I had the fortitude to speak and write what I have come to believe is truth. It is important to present truth to the world as you believe it has been revealed to you while at the same time recognizing that others may be speaking exactly the same way back to you with an opposing perspective they feel may be truth.

I am speaking philosophically here. I cannot say that 2=2=5 and expect it to be received as truth. This is empirically wrong. However ideas…ideas are the realm of proposal and revelation.

Perhaps the hardest part of writing is that sometimes consequences affect the people around you. Sometimes your words have repercussions in the lives of people who had nothing to do with their release; people who have had the fortune or misfortune simple to be entangled in your life.

This is infuriating, unfair and reality. One must learn that while consequences are the results of our actions we are not responsible for what those consequences are when they come from other people.

I am not responsible for how other people feel when they read what I write. I am not responsible for how other people act in response to my writing – that is on them. Our choices are our own.

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