The Well

I walked into a church service on a Sunday morning for the first time in many years today and it was exceptional in many ways.

It was exceptionally difficult.
It was exceptional emotional.
It was exceptionally relaxed.
It was exceptionally good.
It was exceptionally raw.
It was exceptionally personal.
It was exceptionally genuine.

I greatly appreciated the message brought by Swiss Army Pastor Brian Thiessen (get it? Like the knife) which focused on forgiveness…knowing what it is, knowing why it is, and knowing why we need it and why we need to give it – to ourselves and others.

The music set the stage and the fact that I could walk in, sit down and worship in my quiet way was very appreciated. The only expectation I felt was to be who I was. This is a rare thing.

The venue (Morden’s Kenmor Theatre) is perfect for a gathering at 10:30 am on a Sunday morning. The people there cut across demographics and social boundaries and were all joined by that single common element – our mutual humanity.

It cannot be an easy thing for a person and his family to put themselves out there and start a gathering place in a region that has more than 50 established, brick and mortar churches. Even scarier to do it without the structure of a denomination or a not-for-profit status behind you. Frightening and faith-filled with no passing of a plate (or even a donation box in view that I could see).

A visible demonstration of faith and courage by a family that I needed to see.

I can say this – I walked in feeling fear and I walked out feeling refreshed.

It feels like something good…

One thought on “The Well

  1. Good to hear.the light always overcomes the darkness.keep seeking it as in and with the truth- there remains hope eternal‎.tj

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