Jurassic World Cinematic Universe

I am going on record here (note date and time stamp) to state that I believe Jurassic World is the beginning of a Jurassic Cinematic Universe (JCU) ala Marvel.

Since Marvel came along and revolutionized the sequel and creating the cinematic universe others have been slowly coming along (DC Comics and Star Wars are just moving into this).

I believe we are going to see JCU movies in the coming years and I am going to go on record to say I believe the first should be a stand-alone mosasaur film made along the lines of Spielberg’s Jaws.

It makes perfect sense given the amount of screen time mosasaur has already had in the Jurassic World trailers.

Frankly if I had to guess I imagine the mosasaur will be instrumental in the death of the Indominous Rex (no spoilers here because the movie is not even out yet but come on – you know it has to die right).

For argument’s sake Indominous Rex is lured to mosasaur habitat where it falls in and is destroyed by aforementioned kick-ass mosasaur. Cue mosasaur escape at this point.

Mosasaur is going to escape into the ocean instigating a great Holy Crap! moment about the possible horror of things to come.

Let’s say for argument’s sake mosasaur is pregnant to ramp things up a bit.

Next stand-alone move is Jurassic Jaws or something silly like that that sees the beasty making its way to the California coast (San Diego/Los Angeles/San Francisco) where it terrorizes the various populations and requires a team of experts to come together to tackle this nightmare with teeth.

Much gory, horrifying fun ensues.

Of course there are also the pterandons that clearly escape so they could have their own awesome spinoff too – perhaps the make there way to Hawaii and roost on Diamond Head or Haleakala on Maui.

Then of course you mix in the pure Jurassic sequels with the stand-alone movies and before you know it you have six years of movie programming all planned out.

We’ll see.

FYI – Universal, email me for an address to send my royalty cheques to.

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